Ok, During Krampus event i was at gk9, 12 hours later, i was at gk5, over the next month, i got it back up to gk 8, logged in a day later, i was back down to gk6.... ive spent hundreds of dollers, and all i want is my gk back, I know GK gradually goes back down but it cannot drop 1 level in 1 day, let alone 4-5 levels. The first time it was like ok, but again? now im losing xp, mana, stamina, GK tokens, daily quests, pots every week... I would like a GM or admin to help fix this, i dont want the items, just my gk back, or at least the equivalent in Gems or Arthorian Pie to get it back

Name: DarkPhovenix
Server: Arthur-41

I also submitted to help desk - ticket number: #03786502