I come across this message to make a complaint. I do not know if it is a system failure of you or goes unnoticed to the point that you do not give due importance, plus what happens is that many people are taking advantage of that environment that is through Google Play.
Through the Google play cards worth the person buying purchases (usually the R$ 30,00( U$ 10,00 ) ), rescues the value in a respective google account, binds this google account on the device or android android emulator on the computer makes a purchase in Camelot game Heroes then returns in the browser and seeks reimbursement of purchase he just made, thus the value that the person used back to google account and he buys again. A person can do these things 10 to 11 times with the same value of 1 card is worth this. For example in the game company Camelot Heroes of you (Kabam) just link the Google account that was made redemption amount of R$ 30,00 card( U$ 10,00 ), goes up the game and makes a purchase of gems of R$ 29,99( U$ 9,99 ) that gives him 700 gems, give so I claim this purchase made and do it 10 more times, thus the person will buy a value of 300 real( U$ 100,00 ) gems in spending only 10% would be R$ 30.00( U$ 10,00 ) which is the card value gift voucher. This information came to me and do not want to participate in this problem, so I come to you to do something about it. Even made video making and posted on You Tube, I'll let the video link in the message here. I hope to be helping this issue and look forward notifications. Grateful now.
Link Video how to process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7zg_HegnuQ