Hey there,

Last week, while i was stuck by game lag, i was looking at the offers and unfortunately bought a "master summon".

i've had a few petitions ingame, explaining that i would never have bought this s... as there where much more better options available (10 lvl MAX cards t4-6 for 140 gems instead of 10 lvl t3-5 lvl 1 cards for 2100 gems).

When i petitionned; Kabam told me that "all purchases are final"... Okidoki : but i never bought this s... pack, which btw cost me like 35$.

I'd like to get a compensation for this, and late 10 days, i could have got it... But for the moment, Kabam don't want to give me back my gems.

I hope we get a deal quickly so i could use my money how i want, and don't get stuck with s... pack.
But for the moment the company stays blind.

I hope that as you know about this problem, no player will ever keep gems for later.

Best regards to everyone,
C ya