I am a long time player from Hobbit KoM, member of TqT room and maker of website https://shrinkingjam.jimdo.com/

I have notice that there is not too many FS members from EU area. That does not really matter, because I wanna be a global FS member, but I just happen to be live in EU area.

What I could bring to FS?
First of all a new way to communicate through my website.
Secondly more understanding what players really wants.
And thirdly, but not least, I would bring a more polls to answer to whole community.

How would that website make communication better?
Because it is easier to approach and get info from it. Also polls can be done in that website. We got now bots in Line to share info, but that info do not get all the players. I can build also bots for Line (which I have done few), but those are not effective communication path. What community needs is a open discussion and way to follow the progress of many subjects in a way, which is not tied in a messenger application.

How come I could bring better understanding of what players need?
Simple, I listen, not argue about it. I may ask more info with opening questions like "Why you see this important for all?", etc. But always need to remember that everyone has right for own opinion and the every single voice is important. As a FS I would be a community voice!

What good polls bring?
Polls are important way to get info from those also, who are not willing to openly talk with their own nicknames. Only with anonymous way can be done a effective research about community needs, wants and voices. Also when all players do not wanna use Line messenger and they are still part of the game community, but they need a way to bring their voice out, these polls could give them a opportunity to do it. I can analyze that data and bring to Gaeas to see.

After all that is said, I just wanna say thank you for time and patience to read all this text. If you see me a worthy for this task please comment here and let the community see that we want more open communication! I will not accept the FS membership, just by Gaeas decision. It has to be a community decision and what ever it is, I will honor it.

Our voice never die!