You not only have at your disposal the events of Spanish cities such as Madrid, Malaga or Barcelona, ​​but also events of European cities such as London or Berlin. You can also enter the date you are looking for a special event indicating if it is for Today , Weekend or This month . There are endless categories offering experiences for all tastes. From Sports , to Family , Theater , Promotions , Festivals or Relax and Spa , among many others. You can find tickets for the 2021 Plaza Maravillas Festival, a rum tasting with Caribbean food, or a professional training session with Puma, among a lot of other experiences.

If you have found, for example, a concert that interests you, click on the image and you will see the price, date, time or duration, depending on the event. It also allows you to access a description, see information on the minimum age to enter or the sanitary Canada Phone Number List​ measures proposed for the event. If it convinces you, choose the day that best suits you, and select the number of tickets you want to buy. Once your selection is confirmed, a QR code will be generated for you to pay securely from the Rakuten website . If you have an account, connect it to the app. This way you can accumulate Rakuten Points that you can exchange for future purchases or for exclusive content.

Get the most out of the Rakuten Living App If you want to find out about some of the events that your city has to offer this summer with the Rakuten Living App, we have more surprises for you! For those who live in a connected home , accessing this digital experience and browsing the best events is even easier because they can do it simply by using their voice. If you have the Movistar Voice Command at home, press the Aura button and say Open Rakuten . But, if you prefer to use your Movistar Home , you can say OK Aura, open Rakuten to start enjoying all the leisure options to the fullest. Take advantage of the last afternoons after a long day of work, to organize the next plans that you do not want to miss this summer and make the most of your free time! Job interviews are one of the most distressing but important processes in the process of finding a job or changing profession or company.​