Hail and well met! We bring big news for your game and all Gaea games! Next month in February we will be hosting another Gaea Wide giveaway. We, previously, had hosted this event annually, but 2020 threw a wrench in the works (as I am sure you have also experienced), but we wanted to get back into it in 2021! Mark your calendars for the 3rd week of February (date subject to change)! Each day for that week, starting Monday-Friday, we will post to our official Discord, a puzzle to be solved. At the end of the week, you must have participated in all puzzles to win the final prize! There will also be prizes each day for participation or the first right answer! Because of this, we want you to pick the time we start so you can have a better chance of being the lucky first to get the right answer! Please answer the poll we have linked! We will also be running this event on all games listed in the poll. You can enter on as many as you want, but be warned, just because we are running the event on multiple games, does not mean the answers will be the same! Good luck and see you all there!