Well..... I don't know what you guys had in mind with this merger. But it's not good. Putting all of the big ruby buyers in a realm together is going to be a disaster. People like myself that buy but do not spend grocery money to play cannot compete with these 'new' players. Also by having to 'claim' the realm we have lost all of our inactives on the realm. Now the bigger players like myself have no way to get resources. Don't say raid other players because almost all of your bigger players destroy resource sites to build up idle pop. So there will be nothing to raid. Part of the fun of this game is farming inactives and training troops. You can't train troops without resources and idle pop. We had found a solution to the problem but the realm merger has created new problems. Now the only way to grow an army will be troop packs. I guess that may have been the angle you guys were shooting for. However, I am not trying to compete with someone who is willing to spend upwards of $10 tournament to play.