As we all know kabam have been f***ing up in some new realms such as emules and some others. They been having ed before the wd for some reason for 3 months now and still unable to farm for the crests. Not only that but ive done realm hopping and somehow a new foreign realm that just started is already have tournaments that if you won 1rst place youd gain 10 times as much that you would gain in any english realm old and new like what is that?! So to get to the point I say they should do more alliance tourny and killing tournaments and up prizes for exampe.
Alliance tournaments for 1rst prize can have 1 water egg 5k fangtooth and 10k pearls to help everyone in the alliance and for older realms it can be 5k venom dragons and 10k lava jaws and 50 rubies.

And for regular tournaments make 1rst place worth it I hate having to gain 1mil for 40k power back make it like
10k lj 10k go and 10 gold recruiting tokens

Also a new idea could be a alliance progressive tournament where you work as a team to get higher prizes where everyone is a winner.
For example.
1rst teir reach 50,000 win 3,000 battle dragons
2nd teir reach 200,000 and win 5,000 fire mirror and 5,000 giants (plus previous prize)
3rd teir reach 750,000 and win 10,000 lava jaws 10,000 marsh horrors (plus previous prizes)
4rth teir reach 3,000,000 win 25,000 orges 1 completion grant 1 nova general 10,000 elite troop mystery chest (10k of 1 of these go dr stalkers lj lc marsh ft and so on) and 100 stones (depends how old n advance your realm is)
but theres my idea to have everyone win but stay competive