I would really like to see a option that literally takes my city out of play for a period of time. Like I don't exist.

Here's my dilemma: I'm going on vacation here shortly, and I won't have data service, nevermind the fact I don't want to play this game over vacation. I also don't want to come back to a list of battle reports where some neighbor has been farming my resources for 10 days.

Here's what I propose:

Add a button that initiates an 8 hour countdown, when that countdown expires, my city is 'frozen' I can't be attacked, but I don't gain resources either, and no training/building/researching occurs. I am, for all intents and purposes, suspended in time. When I wish to play again, I un-click the button and its all fair game. This option can only be used once every 7 days, but can be left in suspension for as long as I choose.

The countdown ensures that I don't use it to avoid an impending raid. Nobody marches their troops 8 hours away to raid someone. This would ensure it's fair for virtually everyone. If someone initiates a march at me and will make it to me before the countdown reaches 0, the raid proceeds as if I had no countdown. If the march will not, then they get a message that the raid will not reach the target before time and they cannot march on me.

Being able to use it only once in a rolling 7-day period ensures that I don't just suspend my city every night to protect resources.

At this point as I prepare to take a trip, I assume that I'll come back in 2 weeks to some very rich neighbors, a long list of 'Defeat' battle reports, and my city sacked to only what I can put in the vault, and of course, zero gold. That quite honestly makes me not want to come back at all.