I've been playing this game a few days now(I know not much), but I've already come across several issues worth looking into. Each issue has a dedicated section, with a quick description of the issue, how I’ve experienced the problem and the effect on me, and how I believe a possible solution could be.

My experiences with similar games are: Ogame, Epic and Command and conquer online. All games share the same fundamental mechanics when it comes to resources, building and evolving your city/world. Therefor comparisons between these games will be done in a final section, as suggestions how to improve uniqueness to this game?.

Building Information
Buildings lack description of their current level, and what that level does.

When my city grew I become increasingly harder to keep track of buildings, because I didn’t know what their current state is. It’s problematic when resources to upgrade these buildings increase. I found myself pondering, quantity over quality?

Simple show the buildings current modifiers. For instance a production facility should show the output, workers needed and the effect of shortage of workers. The tab to change taxes requires you to apply the changes, before actually showing the effect.

Battle reports / scout reports
Lack information

I have no idea what units I’m fighting or why I’m losing units. Only that I do. This could be a mixture of lacking information, and poorly described combat mechanics.

Add an information database with information about the game. This could be accessed through a button in the bottom menu.

Combat mechanics
I have no idea how the calculation of army strength, and battles are performed.

It was very difficult to calculate my strategic advantage when I had no idea how the combat simulation was performed. The only rule-of-thumb I gathered was, tanky/defensive units were good, they didn’t die as easily.

This could either be an imbalance, or poorly described mechanic. I honestly don’t know a solution. Perhaps both scenarios needs a looking into?

Training army
The army is too valuable.

Similar Ogame mechanics quickly shined through in DoA, and even more so. Training time, resources and constant loss of units quickly made it apparent how expensive warfare is in this game. But the game is driven on warfare, why does it make me feel like I don’t want to go to war?
Ogame had the same problem. Never go into combat you can’t win without losing units.

Lower training time and resource requirement for army units – Or make warfare more profitable.

The dragon
Why is my dragon chained to my city?

I felt my dragon was a piece of decoration… I feel kind of cheated out here.

Let me use my dragon early on in the game. If it needs a nerf or redesign, so be it. I’m not sure what it requires I never got to play with it.

Pay to win / Micro transactions
You can buy resources and upgrade/training time with money – And it’s bloody expensive!! Everything is overall too expensive.

I understand the need for free games to make a profit. So I won’t haggle down commercials or popups with special offers or buttons which suggest I should spend real money. But a game that sells victories with money that is just plain wrong, and a reason to stop playing. Not to mention I can buy a triple A title game, for the same price as a small army…

Focus on selling things that won’t overpower paying players, from none paying players. It creates a great rift between these two kinds of players.
Ideas you to things you can sell:
[K]Improved scouts (Intel gives strategic advantage, but not victory). [/K]
[K]Increased marches [/K]
[K]Increased wild lands occupations(I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite idea, but it’s currently better than most of what you offer in the shop)[/K]
[K]Longer period march time decrease[/K]
[K]Increased hero experience gain[/K]
[K]An extra general slot[/K]
[K]The ability to queue buildings, research, unit training[/K]
[K]Ability to quickly search the map – Perhaps using certain searching criteria’s such as level, tile type, distance[/K]
Things I think should be removed:
[K]Instant resources/upgrades/training time[/K]
- And all upgrades related to these.

Building upgrades
A building has too many upgrades, which doesn’t take long enough.

Well there are just too many upgrades to one building. Probably just an early game issue, but it's REALLY annoying spending resources in the beginning. I was close to quitting because of the amount of attention this little game takes early on.

Remove some of the preliminary upgrades, probably sorts itself out in the long run, when buildings take days to upgrade.

There's one chat - with EVERY single player from the realm.

It's like the barrens chat all over again, just 10 times worse.

Add the option to remove it.

Suggestion to combat mechanics
As mentioned before, armies are too valuable to lose, and DoA is not the first game to make this mistake. I think a different approach to make it much more combat friendly, would be making armies as expandable as possible, but rather moving the challenge of warfare to the logistics side. After all history teaches us logistics is everything in war.

Making armies outside the city VERY expensive in upkeep, you’ve already implemented the upkeep feature. Develop it further! Something like limitations to movement, difficulty defending territories, maybe even defeating an army through good old attrition warfare could be nice, without it being devastating. After all there should be benefits in being bigger.

I imagine forward base camps with the ability to defend several occupied wilds lands.
An attack which cannot be won, but course great harm to your opponent utilizing speed and/or range.
Morale and battle fatigue stat, which cripples the soldiers if too low. Morale modified by victories and battle fatigue by fights, maybe even by the type of attack.
A scouting operation to observe an opponent’s army/camp/city, giving some sort of combat boost.
From what I’ve already seen in the game, I think it’s sad to see that the combat possibilities are not exploited better. It could really improve the game. From my point of view, they are rather generic.

Hope this is useful, thanks for reading

*Edit I've only played the mobile version*