There needs to be a change it?s way too hostile for newer and even decent power players. There?s no time to react to incoming attacks because people just insta hit with speed ups. We have trance drops but no one uses them because why use a 50% speed up when a 1 hr speed up hits instantly? Speed ups should only be usable in the city (So troop training or building or research) being able to speed up hits makes it so you can?t react to incoming attacks because you have 3s to do anything, this game even though it?s mobil you can?t react or get notifications because hits are too fast. If the speed ups are removed from marches we can actually react and do well with guarding and have an actual chance to react. Bottom line; how hostile the environment is, this change needs to happen to make the game just simply better, you can guard yourself more, the march drops get used (and have a purpose), and we might be able to get notifications for incoming attacks on our phones.