Heyyys gaea,
here some things that might will help to hold players and maybe get some new players for the realms
Get the realms together only comeption hold the game alive
Many peps say its very expensive, i agree with that, i spend about 300 up to 500 euro s in a month and it isn t rly worth ist no portions .... the drops should be better.

Trade !!!! Maybe one of the biggest ideas that could change the game and make it great again.
Let alliance member s change and trade things so that they re able to help each other
Or give new trade Modes in the basar i got 15.000 purple Stones! 15.000! Whay cant i change them into yellow ones may 5 purple one yellow and so on .... yellow into blue, blue into green, this would be usefull and isnt a big thing to envolve.
Dragons feeding etc open the farm ways to get them quicker on the high lvl with 11 fooda day u need years to get them up
Moose and bronze Stones get them both to farm, and there also with no limit please it takes about 1200 Stones or more to reach better lvl so it also takes time.

Come closer with the players and might get these Feedback and the cusotmer s will be thankfull and Come back, real Chance, real position to earn money