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Conquer the Anthropus!

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  • Conquer the Anthropus!

    "Grodz now controls most of the Anthropus in Atlantis. He's amassing a vast horde for a final attack."
    What if beating the Grodz gave you some influence over the Anthropus and you could conquer some of the camps like wilds? Only instead of an increase of resource production this would be like earning a new city.
    There is plenty of land available to add an Anthropus camp level 20 which is conquerable for players and gives them a new mini city. This town has a town hall that provides commerce to your city. It also has plots for new resources, homes and new troop development. It also has minor defenses including a wall that provides protection to the inner town area not the resource plots. It also provides you the ability to build defensive buildings like towers, and troops like ballista.

    This is important because of the PvP aspect. Your enemy can raze the town! Everything is destructible! This includes when you attack it initially. Spying will show you what structures are currently built as well as troops and resources. This will be important when deciding how to attack and minimize the rebuilding process. Your town can be captured by your opponents if they do not already own one, similarly to the wilds. However, if they can completely destroy the town they can turn it back over to the Anthropus. Each building in a town will have a defense rating and life in an effort to resist attacking forces.

    Destroyed troops and buildings will need to be rebuilt. Troops can be recovered from pools as is and buildings ruins will maintain much of the materials needed to rebuild. So if your town is attacked you can view it and make repairs as needed.

    Conquered Town View:
    Clicking the town on the map allows you to view your new town like your city or your islands. The town is much smaller than the city but larger than an island. When you spy on an Antropus controlled town you will see that they have buildings in place that you will have access to once you take that camp. In order for a camp to be captured the wall must first fall and then you can take the Town Hall.

    This would open more options up like more Dragons, Troops, Buildings, Resources, Research, etc.

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    If we are able to have a conquerable area such as this I’d like to see it come with new building types, troops, dragons, and research.

    New Buildings:

    Town Hall; this building enables a trade route from your city to the town giving you instant access to resources and troops from your main city. It also opens up the building options and researches.

    Fishery; resource: fish. Improves food output and capacity, provides item used for dragon food.

    Husbandry; resource: meat and dairy. Improves food output and capacity, provides item used for dragon food. It also opens research: Calvary – improves troop attack speed, enables dragon riding research, and troop options: Dragon Riders (Dragon Based Generals)

    Butcher; this building allows for the making of dragon food from resources of the fishery and husbandry. It opens up new research: Food Processing – improves food capacity and gathering of dragon food. Consumed in the process of making dragon food is Food, Fish, Meat and Dairy, and Gold.

    Gem Mine; resource: jewels; ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz, obsidian and diamond. Research option: Smithing – allows for construction of dragon armor, improves city defenses (walls, town buildings)

    Smith;(requires smithing level 5) this building allows for the construction of dragon armor. Consumed in the process of making dragon armor is common dragon armor of the dragon you are making it for, gem associated with the dragon you are making it for (ruby-GD, emerald-NSD, sapphire-WD, topaz-FD, obsidian-ED), Diamond, Metal, Gold and island resource (pearl for WD, seeds for NSD, geodes for ED, brimstone for FD)

    Dragon Riding Academy; this building improves great dragon stats as well as provides dragon riders much like the officer quarters.

    Necromancers Tower; allows you to acquire a necromancer (General.) Unlocks Necrodragon Island. Opens research: Necromancy – Improves undead troops.

    Necrodragon Island; acquire a Necrodragon to terrorize your enemies. Necrodragon Island contains plots for Graveyards to train undead troops.

    Graveyard; built only on Necrodragon Island. Harvests Souls to feed the Necrodragon or to train new troops: Skeletal Warriors and Haunts.

    Wind Dragon Island; acquire a Wind Dragon. Wind Dragon Island contains plots for Windmills to obtain new resource to train new troops.

    Room for more…

    New Troops:

    Necromancer; this is a general that can command the undead. You must have one assigned in order to use the Necrodragon or undead troops.

    Necrodragon; this is an ancient Dragon raised from the dead to exact vengeance upon Atlantis. Only a Necromancer has the power to command this being. Starts at level 20 and stats should be something like… Life 648,120 Defense 80,120 Melee Attack 219,637 Ranged Attack 130,848 Range 850 Speed 700 Load 1,000 power 25,400. This dragon does not eat food rather it consumes souls that are harvested in the graveyard to level. Skills; Dragon’s Solace: Allows troops to have 25% more defense for 24 hours. Battle Skill; Vampric Mist: Lays a mist across its allies that when any dragon is attacked that damage returns 25% damage back to the attacker and heals the attacked ally by that amount. Duration 2 turns. Dragon Actions Purge: Teach your Necrodragon how to purge itself of evil. Has no effect on its combat abilities.

    Skeletal Warrior; Life 10,000 Defense 1000 Melee Attack 500 Ranged Attack 0 Range 0 Speed 300 Load 10 Upkeep 0 The Skeletal Warrior is a horror to see and even more intimidating in numbers. Every 2000 Skeletal Warrior decreases enemy defenses by 1% up to a max 80%

    Haunts; Life 15,000 Defense 1,500 Melee Attack 1 Ranged Attack 1 Range 1,000 Speed 2000 Load 0 Upkeep 0. A taunting force but their non-caporal form makes them near impossible to kill. Only receives 10% ranged damage and 25% melee damage when defending.

    Wind Dragon; the Dragon of Air and Storm. Skills; Dragon’s Wrath: Increases melee damage for all troops by 25% for 24 hours. Battle Skill; Air Blast: The blasts it’s opponents with the fury of the wind attacking all enemies in a column in succession in the Battleground. Duration 1 round. Dragon Actions Thunderclap: Teach your Wind Dragon how to create a massive lightning strike. Has no effect on its combat abilities. (This dragon breaths lightning not fire)

    New Map Tiles:

    Anthropus Camps; 11-12 farmable Forest Bloom Stones, 13-14 farmable Golden Spark Stones, 15-16 farmable Emerald Moss Stones, 17 farmable Ancient Rune Amulets (Unlocks new troops for upgrade), 18-19 Farmable Ancient Rune Stones (Upgrades new troops), 20 Conquerable Town

    Stormfront; farm this tile for Wind Dragon Crest: Combine 100 Crests to obtain a Wind Dragon Egg. Non-controllable.

    New Research:

    Calvary: Enables/improves Dragon Riders while improving troop attack speed.

    Food Processing: Improves food capacity and enables the butcher to make better dragon food.

    Smithing: Improves structure defenses and enables the production of dragon armor.

    Necromancy: The study of death improves the abilities of the undead troops and dragon.


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      Anyone else?