I amongst other players from the realm doggerland on the mobile version are very unhappy about the second clue as we only had 2 chances to gain this clue meaning only a total of 100 players from the realm can win. Your mail stated that there would be a series of tournaments over the weekend starting the 14th of August 2014 but there was only 2 tournaments 1 on the 14th and 1 on the 15th and most of the players that won managed to win both so as only 50 each tournament could win thats a total of 100 but with most winning both this has made it totally unfair to the rest so we demand you do something about this an either have more tournaments to give more chances or give everyone the second clue for free because of how unfair this has been. I mean we have not had any tournaments now for weeks in this realm anyway it just proves that you need money to play this free game how greedy are you kabam?

Well if this is not rectified I will be informing apple and google about how unfair you are treating us and I will encourage other players to do the same, I have copies of all mails regarding this competition and my complaints to support so I hope kabam sort this bs out now or I will cause so much trouble as you are clearly conning us and not treating everyone fairly.

I urge everyone who reads this to also comment here and also complain to support and make them listen and take the proper action and outcome we expect.

Thankyou DarkDestroyer of realm doggerland