One who knows how to take the words and dress up the business in an optimal way that will serve the purpose - motivating the surfers to action (or any pre-defined goal). In conclusion. The content is not only the king, it is also the heart and soul of your business website - certainly in regards to promotion in the search engines. If the content on the site is relevant to the reader (and enriches him with knowledge, without boring him and bothering him with unnecessary mountains of text) high quality and presented in a hierarchical, logical and modern way, there is a good chance.

That you will earn important points among the surfers / potential customers and among the algorithm of search engines such as Google, so that you will receive higher ratings in their results (Which will often lead to high-quality - increased traffic to your digital Special Database asset and you can generate more conversions and actual transactions). TAGS: WRITING CONTENT FOR BUSINESS WEBSITES Most of the business owners who are interested in building a new digital asset for their business, first look for a company to build the website, but what they don't always know is that every website needs two things in order to exist in virtual space: a domain and storage.

Why is web hosting necessary for website operation ? Your website and all the materials on it should be stored in a safe place (external from the computer), which will be able to make it accessible to all surfers as quickly as possible, otherwise they will continue to another, faster competitor's website. Hosting websites on slow servers - which crash (go down from the air and transmit a 503 error to the surfer) many times and/or go down for extended periods of time, may seriously damage the experience of using your website (and thus severely damage receiving leads and generating online sales) and the promotion of your website in Google.