Dear Citizens of Atlantis,

We announced today that Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon and the development team have been acquired by DECA Games. In the coming months, Gaea and DECA will work together to create a seamless transition of ownership. There will be no impact to your account and all your game progress will be unaffected. More information will be coming soon, and we are committed to making sure Dragons of Atlantis comes out better than ever. We are fully committed to supporting and developing the games further and working closely with the dedicated community.

Who is DECA?
DECA is an indie games developer and publisher, specializing in taking over maturing games for mobile, PC, and Console and live operating them with the goal to keep the player base engaged for years to come.
What can you expect from DECA as a new developer?

Community and continuity is the key for all our games. We aim to bring you the experience that you as players learned to love and improve on that - together with you. Once the dust settles and we are ready, we’ll be reaching out to the community for more suggestions and feedback for what’s working and what’s not to define how the game evolves and hopefully improves. For the next months, we are going to be busy focusing on a smooth game transition with DECA.

This is just a brief announcement of what’s to come, but we will reveal even more details a bit along the way!

See you in game!

Best regards,
DoA: Heirs of the Dragon Team