Clicking on the Generals Tab will bring you to your Card Inventory. Here you can view what cards you have stored, and clicking on an individual card will bring up more information. Here is an example of a Generals Card:

There is plenty of important information here, but we can break it down to 3 Categories:

1. Information

As pictured above, information includes the name of the General, Rarity of the General, Faction, times evolved and General Level.

- Rarity is represented with stars:
--1 Star = Common
--2 Stars = Uncommon
--3 Stars = Rare
--4 Stars = Epic

- There are 4 "Faction" slots, and these are represented by different images
--Visit our Faction Guide [LINK]HERE for more details

- Times Evolved and General Levels are affected by the "Enhance" and "Evolve" options.
--Visit our Enhance and Evolve Guide [LINK]HERE for more details

2. Buff Stats

There are 4 possible Stats that Generals can possess

- Life
--Increase the Life of assigned Troops in the General's March

- Attack
--Increase the Melee and Ranged Attack of the assigned Troops in the Generals' March

- Defense
--Increase the Defense of the assigned Troops in the General's March

- Leadership
--Increase the amount of Troops that can be sent in a March

3. Assign Skills

There are various possible "Assign Skills", which will only be active if the General is assigned to a Faction slot within the "Assign" tab. Unlike "Buff Stats" listed above, these Assign Skills are GLOBAL and always active until the General is no longer assigned.

Here is an example of some "Assign Skills"

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