Upgrading your Troops
Upgrading a troop will increase its "level". Each troop starts at Level "0", and can currently reach a maximum of "10". With every Upgrade Level gained, various stats on your Troops will become more powerful, increasingly the effectiveness of current and future trained troops of that type.

If you need help accessing the Troop Upgrade Modal, revisit this post for more information --- HERE

Below is an image of the Upgrade Panel
Note: This screenshot represents a work in progress. Some details may change

1. Troop Name and Current "Level" of the Troop

2. Upgrade Wheel Spaces. Each Space and its number corresponds to the amount that landing on it will fill up the middle Orb Pool. If the pool reaches the top of the circle and fills up, then the troop level up will be guaranteed. Landing on the "Level Up" space will also guarantee the Level up.

3. Orb Pool. This pool will indicate a players progression towards a Troop Upgrade Level. While a player has a chance to succeed with each Level up attempt (by landing on the "Level Up" space), the pool also provides a way to get an upgrade even if you do not successfully land on "Level Up" for a number of attempts. The amount needed to fill the pool will vary depending on the troop type and its current Level.

4. Level up Pool Multipliers. These items can be used to multiply the amount that you win when landing on a space with a number on it. Currently "2x" and "4x" items are available, which will multiply the amount received by 2 and 4 respectively. In the future items that Guarantee an Upgrade when used will also be available, and these can be used from here once you've acquired one.

5. "Power Up" button. This is the button you press to attempt a Troop Upgrade.

6. Items Required to attempt a Troop Upgrade. Currently the Minotaurs and Longbowmen require various amounts of "Mauve Stones" and "Gold" to attempt an upgrade. While Gold is a current resource, Mauve stones are a new addition and can be acquired either from the shop or through defeating Level 2 Anthropus Camps.

When you have successfully Upgraded your Troop Level you will receive a popup indicating this result! Each attempt will have a chance for success, depending on the troop and the Level it currently sits.

Unsuccessful attempts will still net you benefits such as extra power per attempt and also progress towards filling your Ob Pool. When this pool has been filled then your next Upgrade Attempt will succeed!