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This is a private board. As such, decisions made are final.
We reserve the right to remove any message board content without notice for any reason.

Rule 1: Responses to rule violations
Violating these rules will result in warnings, either formal or informal, suspensions, banning, or other sanctions.

Rule 2: Respect other users on the forums
- Do not make attacks or insult other users, either in the forums or through private messages. Disagreements and debates are fine, but don?t make it personal.
- Do not attack groups. This includes professions, races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, incomes, or even vague groups like ?you people.?
- Do not use ill terms which are offensive to groups, do not ?flame?, ?troll.? or ?haze?.

Rule 3: Respect the forum purpose and structure
- Make your posts in the appropriate forum.
- Please use the Search function. If a relevant thread already exists, please post there instead of creating a new thread about the same topic. Duplicate threads will be closed to keep the forums orderly and easy to navigate.
- Keep off-topic posts in the off-topic forum.
- Don?t start discussions about games that are not ours.
- Do not cross-link to other message boards or websites unless approved by a moderator.

Rule 4: Respect the law
- Do not post anything illegal under U.S. law, or encourage other users to break the laws of the U.S. or their country of residence.
- Do not encourage users to break terms of service. This includes giving information about how to find scripts, exploits, or cheats, as well as arranging to buy or sell accounts or virtual goods.

Rule 5: Respect the audience
Think about who you're talking to. Users may be as young as 13 on these message boards, and may be male or female, and from countries across the globe.
- Keep your language civil. Profanity is frowned on.
- Do not post Adult Material, inappropriate graphic sexual content in any format, or links to sexually explicit sites.
- Do not post graphic images or explicit descriptions of violent acts.
- Do not use an avatar or signature that could offend other users. They have to look at it a lot.

Rule 6: Respect privacy
- Do not post any private emails or private messages unless you have the explicit permission of each person involved in the exchange.
- Do not post private communication between customer support, members, moderators, or administrators on these forums, or anywhere else. (This include support ticket responses)
- Do not post any information covered by a non-disclosure agreement or beta testing agreement. Even if you somehow have inside information about our competitors, for legal reasons we don?t want to hear it.
- Do not post Facebook information about other forum users.
- Do not post any private information about other users.
- Do not post in-game information in an attempt to have other players attack your target. Be careful to not cross the line into bullying.

Rule 7: Do not spam
- Do not post repeatedly about the same topic.
- Do not spam users on the forums or through private messages.
- Do not start a thread without actual purpose.
- Do not start a thread about a news story or article unless you make it clear what the story is about, and offer your own opinion to start a discussion.

Rule 8: Respect your account
- Do not share your account information with other individuals. You will be held responsible for any rules violations that occur under your account.
- Do not create new accounts or use other tricks to avoid suspensions or bans.
- Do not create ?sock puppet? accounts ? multiple accounts created just so that you can agree with yourself and make it seem like your ideas have more support than they do.
- Never include your e-mail address or any other personal information in posts.

Rule 9: Respect the Moderators
- Do not post using the color red. This color is reserved for moderators.
- Do not impersonate moderators. Do not claim to speak for the moderators.

Rule 10: Respect the decisions of the moderators
- The moderation teams reserves the right to warn, suspend, or permanently ban users judged to be acting against the spirit of the rules, even if the user is following the letter of the rules.
- Do not argue with moderators about moderator decisions. You can disagree with a moderator?s opinions, just like any other poster, but when they post moderator actions in red text, it is considered final.
- Moderators have no access to your game account. If you have an issue you must contact customer service.

Generally, BE NICE. There is nothing wrong with being nice to each other.
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Dragoneers and Moderators

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  • Ceridwen
    Originally posted by singh424 View Post
    Discord Mods can also answer in English and can help
    Correct! that's why I wrote "( we all help out in all the English language channels) " - all of us on the most recent list are all Discord mods now, and we are a friendly and helpful bunch!

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  • singh424
    Discord Mods can also answer in English and can help

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  • Ceridwen
    The following information is an extract from our Discord Weekly Notes from Orange Eagle, our DHD COmmunity Manager - an updated list of our current Discord moderators

    To make things easier for everyone, the term Dragoneer is no longer in use and now all of us have the same role in Discord and in the game, where we can be recognised by the dove icon!

    As a refresher for the post above by MadameLeota here is an updated list of our current moderators, with their Discord names (which are mosty also our game names) and our main hangouts
    ( we all help out in all the English language channels)

    @Azula✯Sφᴘнΐɇ☜•Кареглазка• - Spanish channel

    Calamity - DA channel

    @Ceres_Δημήτρα /Pandora ~ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ~ (aka Ceridwen here in the Forum)

    Dani (L.o.R.d.) - Portuguese channel

    ~dark~ DA channel

    @Hυnab Kυ - Spanish channel

    @JULINA - Russian channel

    Lady Terror

    @♤Mandragora♤ - Italian channel

    @ɱơŋą - DA channel

    @Okyar Lucas - Turkish channel

    @Qqueenlulu - French channel

    @☆Reina infernal☆Hell queen☆ - Spanish channel



    @Xauman - HC channel

    @Zeni (our newest arrival) who will be monitoring realms-292-293-294-301-302-303 and will be your go to contact for those realms.

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  • MadameLeota
    started a topic Dragoneers and Moderators

    Dragoneers and Moderators

    Hello Everyone! We have some wonderful player volunteers helping you out across several platforms and we wanted to take the time to introduce them to all of you!
    The Dragoneers, your friendly veteran helpers on your quest to conquer Atlantis!
    And Discord Mods, players who are continually working towards a better game for everyone!

    Please note ALL Dragoneers and Discord Mods can also answer in English and can help you with your problems from all realms. They can also be reached via Discord.

    Playing since : 2014
    Dragoneer since: 2019
    Realms : Telamon/Herodotus
    Language : English
    Specialty : Pvp/city builds/general help

    Playing since: 2013
    Dragoneer since: 2016
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Olympia (275) Prometeus (276)
    Languages: Italian, I understand English and French.
    Specialty: Perhaps in all Arena, Attack and Defense,AvA, Dragons, Generals.

    Playing since: 2014
    Dragoneer since: 2017
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Astamis 273, Maeon 274
    Languages: French, English
    Specialty: Growing cities in general, giving advice to make it evolve. Help players write queries and in general help them as much as possible.

    Playing since: 2014
    Dragoneer since: 2017
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Corcyra (283) Nanos (287) But I have cities in all EN and DA realms.
    Languages: Read and write English only I can speak a couple of others.
    Specialty: Retrieving lost accts, Generals, upgrading and improving, tricks to make them grow faster and be more powerful. DBG and dragons.

    ČEĮF?D?Rᗑ or Ceif
    Playing since: 2013
    Mod since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Otonia (277), Narciso (297)
    Languages: Portuguese, English
    Specialty: AvA, Skirmish, General upgrades, DBG, general game assistance. Feed and train your lizards and they will become a fearless defender of your empire.

    Ceres_Δημήτρα or Ceridwen~ʕ?ᴥ?ʔ
    Playing since: 2012
    Mod since: 2016
    Dragoneer since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Lannister (149), [prev. Olympias (275), Colubro (77) Asian HC 244, Prometheus (276), Herodotus ] - I do not consider myself an expert. Present on all servers. Forums.
    Languages: English/Italian, some French, Spanish & German, a little Greek & Russian, love learning new ones
    Specialty: Facilitating communication with CS, Fighting bullying & cheating. - Improving ingame event & minigame instructions; pet topic: Generals and Buffs, Beginners, Low-level players. - Diplomacy, Magic , Witchcraft and Divination, and adding them to Games. Yoda. Chaotic Good.

    Dani (L.o.R.d.)
    Playing since: 2013
    Dragoneer since: 2016
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Narciso(297), Otonia(277), Chios(282), Eleusis (294)
    Languages: English, Portuguese
    Specialty: General Upgrades, Dragon Skills and the Light Side of the Force

    Playing since: 2013
    Dragoneer since: 2016
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Otonia (277), Narciso (297)
    Languages: Portuguese, English
    Specialty: AvA, watchtower, General upgrades, general game assistance.

    dark, darkangel
    Playing since: 2013
    Mod since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: megara(286), naxos (287)
    Languages: German , English
    Specialty: Ava, general game, solvent problems, attack, defensive, all around game, help where I can and how I can

    Player since: 2013
    Dragoneer since: 2016
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Peony ( 298 ) Apagra ( 269 ) naxos ( 287 )
    Languages: German and English
    Specialty: AvA, General game, solving problems, Generals, Arena, Game rules, etc.

    Playing since: 2014
    Dragoneer since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: jarama (87) and Chinese hc (244) but I have cities in all hc realms
    Languages: english but I understand French, German, Spanish and Italian.
    Specialty: arena mechanics, generals upgrading and enhancing skills, battle mechanics and overall knowledge of the game.

    Player since: 2014
    Mod since: 2016
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Сократ (279) Прометей (278) Амариллис (295))
    Languages: English and Russian
    Specialty: Solvent Problems , AvA , BM, Generals

    Lady Terror
    Playing since: 2013
    Mod since: 2019
    Dragoneer since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Delphi (284), Gogli (285), Sidon (288)
    Languages: English
    Specialty: Solving problems. I have played a long time and have seen many issues. General game knowledge.

    Playing since: 2016
    Dragoneer since: 2017
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: ?Main servers 275/276, but I have cities in different English, Russian, Spanish and Chinese kingdoms.?
    Languages: ?I speak Italian. I help with English using a translator when needed, I understand a little Spanish and I study the Chinese language?
    Specialty: ?I don't know what I'm more specialized in, I usually talk to the players and help them follow their tickets. I also help the new players solve problems.?

    Mr Robot
    Player since: 2015
    Dragoneer since:2016
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Elippi, Demypes, Dafne (271, 272, 299)
    Languages: Spanish, English, "Some" Italian and German
    Specialty: Perhaps in all DBG, Arena, Attack and Defense. What I understand at least is the AvA, Dragons, Generals.
    And the dark side of the force

    Myrina or Busra
    Player since: 2013
    Dragoneer since: 2017
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Akrai (280) and Isparta (281)
    Languages: Turkish, English and midlevel Spanish
    Specialty: Battle Mechanics, AvA, Upgrades, DBG, Skirmish.
    I am not a veterinary but I?ll take care to your dragons good

    ɱơŋą or Mona
    Player since: 2015
    Mod since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Naxos (287) Apagra (269)
    Languages: German and English
    Specialty: Help new players on Dragon Age, help players with problems as far as I can, AvA on Dragon Age, Dragon Battlefield

    Player since: 2013
    Dragoneer since: 2016
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Peony (298) apagra (269)
    Languages: German, English
    Specialty: Solving Problems , AvA , BM, Generals

    Playing since: Feb 2013 - Beta testing
    Dragoneer since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Sidon (288), Gogli (285), Delphi (284), Jarama (87), Kavala (292), Westeros (268)
    Languages: French/ English
    Specialty: Communication Specialist, Diplomatic relations, Problem solving, Attention to detail, Battle Mechanics, AvA, Skirmish, General Improvements, Elemental Dragon Skills, Alliance Activity/participation levels, and one cannot forget ?•Hugs•?

    Playing since: 2019
    Mod since: 2019
    Realm they are an expert on: Baby Realms (Eleusis 294)
    Languages: English. Also, studied Spanish and can help with general Inquiries. But by no means fluent.
    Specialty: Dragon Skills, Forums, Discord, Organized, Remaining Neutral, General Inquiries, Facilitating Communication between community & Gaea, Facilitating the proper channels of communication, Solving Problems, and Writing CS or Tickets.

    Playing Since: 2014
    Dragoneer Since: 2019
    Kingdoms are experts in: Colubro (77), Chinese realm (244), Korean realm (110).
    Languages: Italian and English
    Specialty: I am an expert in growth in general, I know the mechanisms of attack and defense, Arena, (I will try to help players in the best possible way)

    Playing since: 2013
    Mod since: 2019
    Realm(s) they are an expert on: Chios
    Languages: English
    Specialty: i have a wide range of knowlage of the game. And in discord, Anything you need help with i will assist you with the best of my knowlage.

    We take the occasion to invite you to the official Gaea Discord Server:
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