Moderators are active players like you, not Gaea employees. They play in different realms and spend their time helping us make the game better. Moderators can collect suggestions on how to improve the game, but it is not their main activity.
They also report bugs, glitches and problems.
Moderator comments are collected and evaluated by developers, who apply corrections and improvements as quickly as possible.
However, moderators do not have access to the players' accounts or other specific information (beyond the info that the game officially provides) regarding players.

Do you want to change your email address, move the city from an old server and know what info to provide to the Gaea support team? These are questions that the mod can answer.
Is the translation of an article incorrect, or are you experiencing difficulty seeing due to visual errors or are you encountering other short glitches of the system (glitches) in the game?
Send this information to the moderators so they can inform Gaea.
The moderators are the voice of the players towards Gaea; however, they do not make decisions, nor do they have information on the contents of customer service tickets or on Gaea's business plans.

In addition, they know the terms of the service and can - for example - inform a player about inappropriate behavior, but they cannot issue a warning or ban a player in the game.
This is also managed by Gaea staff.

Note: please note that moderators are players like you; so don't shout at them or blame them because of something that happened in the game.
As they are volunteers, they are free to refuse to talk to those who are rude to them.
They are not paid and very rarely are given in game currency as compensation for the time they are able to dedicate to these activities. More often then not they get nothing for the jobs they perform.