Have you ever heard of the term multi-acquirer? Well, if you are a digital entrepreneur in the beginning of your career, maybe you have never heard that term, but you probably already use the method, despite not knowing what it is. This is because it is increasingly common for people to use their credit card for purchases made via the internet. Therefore, it is essential that stores accept all credit card brands, otherwise e-commerce will lose sales. In this post, we will explain what the term multi-acquirer is, how it works, its advantages for e-commerce and other important information on the topic.

Definition of multi-buyer Before we talk about multi-acquirer, we need to understand what it means to be an acquirer. So, an acquirer is responsible for processing a payment made via credit card . It's that little machine used in physical stores and the payment gateway integrated into e-commerce, responsible for Kuwait Phone Number List capturing card information and following up on the purchase. However, until a certain time, the acquirer accepted specific credit card brands. For example: the Visa brand was captured by Cielo and Mastercard by Rede. Thus, it was common for a customer to arrive at an establishment and have their purchase denied because the store did not accept their card brand. In this case, the store suffered losses or needed to have several card machines, which increased the business costs.

E-commerce on the other hand, should hire different payment gateway platforms. Then, in 2010, the Central Bank of Brazil and the Administrative Council for Economic Defense opened the market, authorizing companies responsible for processing payments via credit card to accept all brands, and that's how the term multi-acquirer was born . Multi-acquirer retry Errors are common when processing credit card payments and they happen for a variety of reasons, ranging from internet connection problems to the type of card. This is where the multi-acquirer retry comes in. The multi-acquirer retry concept needs a payment gateway that integrates with multiple acquirers.‚Äč