Hello to the teams of management, developement, moderators, and any technician and all of the staff
My name is Nico, member of the alliance Myrmidons on the Astamis server, player from the beginning of Dragon of Atlantis : Heirs of the dragon
That was always a pleasure to play, we have good time on, between the meet, the atmosphere the we could find.
owever, in 4 years, I could see, as well as the whole community, that the game has sometimes deteriorated, and this is still remarkable to this day.

So I took the initiative to launch an ambitious project to obtain communication and dialogue with the entire community, all servers, internationally, as well as with Gaea's teams occupying the game.

For that I gather the players of all sides, whether they are allies or enemies, whether they pay or not, they come from any servers, they are all welcome in this common cause. I sincerely believe that this project is common and beneficial for everyone, for the community of players, and for the Gaea teams. Without this community, the game would be nothing, and without these teams, the game would not exist either.

I gather the opinions, complaints, or suggestions of each, so that the game comes out more optimized and at the height of his community.

It is with enthusiasm that I launch this operation, right here, on the official forums, and I invite all the players who will read this post, to share their opinion and their suggestions on the game with us.

I also invite the management teams of Gaea to participate in this debate, the goal is to find suitable and sustainable solutions, this is the goal of this project.

Without further ado, my opinion:

? Tournaments:

I think that the power tournaments in training of troops are less attractive for a while, the rewards are derisory in relation to the astronomical power deployed by the strongest players, it would therefore be necessary to increase some gains, and to favor the troops preniums (mirrors of fire and useless marsh monsters in tournament as trainable).

The power tournaments, or the training of the martial arts are really to be reviewed!
The quantities of troops and items are really low for an alliance, so we should also increase the winnings of the alliance tournaments, however, the winnings should be distributed only to the participants of the tournament and not to the whole alliance which for some do not do not contribute to the tournament.

The troop kill tournaments are interesting, I have nothing to add.

Finally, the rewards should be added to the inventory after trournois as before. As a result, more players could participate in the tournaments and so some would spend more, so it's up to the player to manage, and I strongly insist on the return of the rewards in the inventory.

? Generals and the neighborhood:

Overall the neighborhood suits me since the last improvement (level 30 - 13 general per day - limit of 400 generals)
However the draws are very poorly optimized and the chances of getting legendary generals is far too slim!
I put below a link illustrating my words:


No legendary general in 150 gold recruitment chips, the odds are very unbalanced.
I admit that legendary generals are valuable and rare items, but the chances of getting them remain very slim. It should be at least a 1 in 100 chance to have some legendary generals.
Finally the addition of the jackpot generals is a very good idea, provided it is available more often (1 to 2 times per month for example

? Dragon domination:

Very good concept, with significant improvements.
However, many players would like the shortening of the battles (example of 2h to 1h30 or 1h) for the following reasons: most of the troops are used during the first hour, and some do not have the possibility of participating the 2h in France ( in DOM TOM or quebec).

? The troop improvement orb:

The system is good but is also to be reviewed, including the chance to pass a level and the number of stones needed to pass, and the acquisition of these famous stones that take a long time to the player to harvest .

? Events (Halloween type, Christmas, etc.)

The concept is also interesting, however it is too much focused on the bank card and smaller players have a lot of trouble participating. Events are designed to earn valuable rewards that are not available for free usually, so it is necessary to reduce the costs to obtain them, including rubies etc.

So come on about this,
? the rubies:

This subject remains sensitive and very important.
To date, the expenses, the price of the offers and promotions on the various chests or articles remain excessively high, as the price of the rubies themselves.
All these things slow down and push the players to buy, so we have to significantly reduce the prices of these rubies and these offers, so the players (and I am part of them) will dare to spend more (for less expensive).
It is the same for the different objects of the game that are much too rare (including potions +14 and +15 etc)

I end this opinion on the various bugs of the game:

The first reported by the players and which returns regularly is that of the integral walls which are deployed in an untimely way against the will of the players.
As a result, players lose full walls without wanting to, and some then abandon the game.
In addition, ruby ​​expenses for some things are not secure enough, for example, the instant improvements on which it can happen to press on it involuntarily by wanting to choose an accelerator for example, and given the general fluidity of the game, this is aggravated .

The mini flying dragon game is useless for my taste, or you have to add small rewards depending on the score.
Otherwise, it would be nice to remove it to lighten the game in its operation

I have not said all the worries present on the game at the moment, so I give the floor to all the community of Dragon Of Atlantis who follows me in this common cause

I sincerely hope that the players will be heard by the Gaea teams and that we will receive an answer, and especially results
the goal of this project is not to remove the credit card from the experience of the game, because it is the essence of this one. We are only looking for an optimal gaming experience for all players, not just for CB players.
Each player is a potential source of income in the game, and for that, you have to give him the desire to play.

Happy New Year's to all