Kabam is the most horrible and idiotic company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Honestly Kabam only wants your $ and after paying them, they could careless about what you lose or gain from the point that your credit card is approved. If you have a problem you might as well delete the app cause asking them a question is like talking to a brick wall. You will never get a response and you will never get anything solved or any assistance at all. This server merge is a prime example of how kabam as a company fails. Allows only 2 weeks for people to join the new merged servers and then people who missed say 2 weeks cause of losing a phone or something like that. lose years worth of play time cause they couldn't join the new server when they wanted he or she too.. Im talking hundreds of dollars worth of items wasted and all for nothing. Sure you still get to stay on the realm you were on once. But when 98% of the population is no longer there to chat with and all you can see is a persons city no way to participate in a tournament or anything else. its pathetic and your ****ed so with this. IM WARNING ANY CURRENT PLAYERS OF DOA don't waste your time and money cause in the end one way or another they will **** you over mark these words.... Peace to my peeps I currently can no longer talk to on the lotus realm and much love to my "Counter Measures" team