I have been playing Dragons of Atlantis for about 5 years now and there has been many up's and down's with communication with KABAM and with the moderator's at time's,but I am afraid that there is an all time low for a moderator name'd MOANING MINNIE.I don't know if this moderator understand's that making threat's to the player's of KABAM's game are bad business or not,but I am truely disappointed in the fact that she has given one of my team mate's an infraction for making posting a response to someone else's post that simply stated "she would make a comment , but she was threatened by moaning minnie that if she said anything negative at all she would receive an infraction".And so,in fact moaning minnie gave my friend and team mate an infraction for that statement.

Moaning Minnie has also stated that if anything was posted that is at all negative,my team mate would receive an infraction.So it appears that KABAM and it's moderators are now using threats and intimidation to quash all complaint's about their game's and are resorting to tactic's that eliminate any way for us as player's to voice our concern's any more and that we must simply accept the fact that thing's don't work as they should and that we no longer have a voice.

I have seen many message's where KABAM simply send's form message's or where they deny that thing's are broken and then turn around and admit they are broken and not working right after all.And yet refuse to compensate us for losses we should not have faced.

I am personally done posting anything to KABAM and I do suggest that everyone else be very careful with what they say.I can only imagine that when people realize that they can't say anything at all to KABAM,the post's that are 90% negative will dry and the ILLUSION that all must be great in KABAMLAND will be all we will see.

This is exactly why many have quit playing DOA and why people are leaving the game all the time.We once had a very active alliance and because of the way thing's are going with DOA,our alliance only has a few active member's left.

And just think,recently there was a post saying that KABAM is going to have a CUSTOMER FIRST attitude.The recent message's from MOANING MINNIE prove's otherwise.

I will never spend another cent on any KABAM game.