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Boycott Kabam do not spend a single ruby because of the new update

This is a sticky topic.
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    Tra-L 7-7 VG


    • #32
      tonydenono/Dedicated Shades/Orinoco
      Greed is killing this game!!!! A message is circulating in our ENTIRE realm to boyscott spending $ on rubies!!!


      • #33
        Kabam you have overstepped the mark I shall not be spending even a penny on tbis game anymore until you sort it kut.
        greed will be your downfall!
        Lord Minion (hydra)


        • #34
          No more

          We all agree this is BS kabam. You need to change or you will lose customers. You know those of us that spend money to keep you in business. Many people are happy to spend a reasonable amount to play, but you have crossed the line this time. I hope you can see you have really made people mad this time. I doubt kabam even reads this forum though because of all the spam posted everywhere that never gets cleaned up.
          I think all the players have done a great job spreading the news of this boycott.

          Keep up the good work and everyone please stick to it until they change.

          I also encourage everyone to mail kabam directly and also use the in game suggestion tab in the settings menu.


          • #35

            Lady Inyansa is on board with boycott. Nope not going to spend any Money.


            • #36
              So much for your "free" game, Kabam. It's absolutely pathetic. The nonspenders can't compete. DOA is supposed to be a strategy game. Now it is just a money sinkhole with the generals, the dragon vault, the new dragon leveling system, the arena, troop upgrading, even the ruby mine is a money sinkhole! You have gone too far with this one, Kabam...way too far...

              P.S. Your customer service is absolutely terrible. You might want to fix that.

              Fireheart, Ancomah realm


              • #37
                Originally posted by tonydahnono View Post
                tonydenono/Dedicated Shades/Orinoco
                Greed is killing this game!!!! A message is circulating in our ENTIRE realm to boyscott spending $ on rubies!!!
                DaWiz/Dedicated Shades/Orinoco
                I agree 100%. I will show how fast I can go from $1,000/mo to $0. It's done. I am spending $0 for this FREE game. This is crazy. I could purchase another antique car for what this cost! Play like it's advertised. Don't spend one penny.



                • #38
                  I've played this game for a while now. And with each new update I have to spend more money for the new update. This last update has gone to far in my opinion. I should not have to BUY food for my dragons! That is completely out of line Kabam! No I will not spend more money. I will not upgrade my dragons; not even my baby dragons in Minos realm, or my young dragons in Howard. I will not level my Doggerland dragons past level 20 because you want money to do so. Kabam you have completely moved off the mark this time. I'm very unhappy with this update. And have decided to move my gaming interests elsewhere.
                  5kinný - Doggerland
                  TH3iFLADY SKïNNY - Howard
                  Skinny - Minos
                  skinny - Mne
                  skinnyjeans - Heph


                  • #39
                    Yea non playing players can't compete at ALL there are things we just literally can't get. I can't get a second dragon for the battles, I can't get completion grants to train better troops, I can't get good generals, especially the top ranked ones. every thing that can be gotten with rubies needs to be available to every one who puts work towards it.

                    Be careful though guys I hear they did a boycott on the browser version of the game and they started banning people.


                    • #40
                      Realm mnestheus


                      • #41
                        We Object! Kabam you're ruining the game. Stop and take notice.


                        • #42
                          Acca Bastard agrees with the strike!
                          no shop till changes

                          Il Cindaco - Arrow realm


                          • #43
                            kabam BOYCOT

                            Rebelian, boycot kabam. This was a free game, but kabam made it a buyer's game.


                            • #44
                              I agree with all of the above...


                              • #45
                                Patrick.89 - Pirithous