Hello there after a 2 years break i started to play doa heirs of the dragon.After some fights and some attacks i thought what a . . . what is happened with the battle mechanic.There is no more a stopper system anymore.A stopper system is that the range attack troops targets only one enemy and end his round then.For example the defens has range troops and the attacker has range troops with alot of meele troops with the number of 1.Before the range defens troops attack the attackers range troops the defense range troops should focus the 1 meele troops BUT round to round and not instant all troops. With this system is in my opinion more balance in the game.With this system are range troop good against meele troops meele troops good against faster troops faster troops good against range troops and the players can better enjoy the strategy in this game.Without this system its impossible to attack with around 150k troops that you have and kill some troops from the enemy that have alot of might. And the meele and dragon troops should attack so much time until they waste their speed and dmg. I hope you could understand me iam normally not speaking english.