A new minigame is on its way! As announced in the v11.4 update release notes, it will be appearing soon in our cities. Stay tuned!

Sanctuary Expedition FAQ

1. Basic Gameplay Introduction
(1) In this minigame, players need to help the little Dragon pass the level. Players can decide the number of steps forward (or backward) by rolling the dice at the bottom right on the map. Each step requires 1 Energy.

(2) Within the limited time (1 hour) and before the Energy runs out (up to 60 points), helping the Dragon pass the level will be seen as a success. If the time or Energy runs out but the exploration is not complete, the Expedition will be considered a failure. If you tap the exit button in the middle of the game, it will be regarded as giving up and the Expedition will fail.

(3) Players can challenge once a day for free and refresh 10 times for free. The refresh time is daily at 0:00:00 UTC.

2. Opening Time and Event Entrance
This overall game is not time-limited although it does have limited time aspects. Players can enter via the icon in their own city, or they can enter the Sanctuary Expedition from the function bar on the right side of the screen.

3. Levels
(1) Players can choose 4 kinds of levels to challenge: Jungle, Island, Mines, and Volcano; each has three levels of difficulty, the higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. Only one difficulty can be set for each Expedition. Difficulty is random and can be changed by refreshing.

(2) Players can pick up Energy Items and Advance Items (do not consume Energy) during the Expedition process to help the Dragon clear the level, or they may encounter traps, obstacles, etc. that can roll back progress or deduct Energy.

(3) Each time a level is unlocked, item location and type will be randomly generated on the map.

(4) Exclusive levels will be opened at an optional time. For the specifics, please refer to in-game information.

4. Expedition Items
The Items received during the expedition will be stored in the "Items" section. Using the items can help the dragon to pass the level. If you want to use more Items, you can spend Rubies in the "Items" section to help you successfully complete the Expedition.

5. Rewards
There are three types of rewards in this game: Expedition Reward, Clearance Reward, and Achievement Reward. You can get expedition rewards by participating in the Expedition. When completing an Expedition you can get Clearance rewards. Finally you can get Achievement rewards by completing tasks in the Achievement system. Rewards obtained can be exchanged for various Items at the "Exchange".

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