Hey everyone,

Well my problem is simple, i live in morocco and i have no idea why is there no way i could pay by phone for buying rubis in dragons of atlantis, facebook asks for credit cards, the game asks for credit cards, paypal asks for credit cards, well.. i've been looking since hours to find a way i could finally pay by phone or text or whatever, but it seems like unless i'm in europe the u.s or some weird european countries that are not even economically powerful i can't,

I mean, kabam with all it's might can't have an international text/phone paying method? I've seen lesser browser game companies have international and even idividual country by country paying method of course prices change but it doesn't matter really.

So if there is any possible way to get it done or somebody from the staff could enlighten me, that would be great.

Ps: I know it's "bs" country i'm living in alright, but i'm not asking for much i guess.