A member in my alliance named Mirkw00ds won the 'design your alliance banner' contest and landed in the top 10. Everybody inside the top 10 was awarded 500 rubies, however she received nothing. She has already messaged kabam about this and after a while she got the message back saying they apologized for their mistake and had now added the 500 rubies to her account. This was days ago and she still hasn't received anything. Her name is Mirkw00ds (with zeroes in stead of o's) and she is in the realm Orichalc, there is a player called Mirkwoods (with o's) in our realm as well. This is not her and this is not the person who won the banner contest. Perhaps the rubies were placed in the wrong account, if they were awarded at all. Please fix this and add the 500 rubies to Mirkw00ds (with zeroes) her account.