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Thread: Can someone can give some answers about game

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    Can someone can give some answers about game

    Hello I?m VJGELE server 52 GM of guild PHEONIX,contact gaea suport don?t help to much we not getting any answers back from there so I?m asking if someone can exspkain why after damn 5 months time of titan class and eternal war it?s not fixed jet but it?s even worse now,and what?s going with update was announcement year and half ago and we not getting any info if they gonna don?t or not ty

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    Hi - apologies for lack of replies here due to some technical issues. If you feel are having trouble getting your feedback and suggestions through via customer support, please continue to write to them anyway, especially to report bugs in the game.
    Alternative options currently available (also for more info on this game) are also
    - FAQ in the Help Center you can access from Support ingame or via the website:
    - Comments on posts or private messages via FB Messenger to the Wartune Facebook page:

    p.s. you can also contact me with a direct message via Discord, I will do my best to assist and/or relay messages to Gaea staff - add me as a friend and add WTHOH to your Discord nickname

    Hope that helps!
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    Discord ID: Ceridwen#5518 (if my forum inbox is full)

    *Moderators are not Gaea staff or employees, they do not have access to player accounts or other personal details. They are players like you, who have volunteered to help other players with game issues and/or to help facilitate communication between Gaea and all players

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