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Thread: City textures & Forts & New dragon looks

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    City textures & Forts & New dragon looks

    City textures: there should be options in the store, for people to better customize their cities. Different backgrounds in the city view, and different building looks, and an altered appearance of your city on the map. Things like a port city, or like a Greek look, with the Parthenon. This way players get a sense of customization for their city and personalization.

    Dragons scales and armor: one of the best features of DOA online, was the ability to customize my great dragon and make him super powerful with scales and different looking armor. It made the game feel a lot better. That should be brought back. With new armors and scales to put on your dragons.

    Forts: on wild owned by the player, they should be able to build a fort on it. They can have some sort of defense and resource boost. And a cool look on the world map to add more to the game. Kind of like the outposts from the online game, however enemy players can still take the wild over, which in turn will destroy the fort. Kind of like something you need to manage and repair.

    After the player gets their city?s well built, there?s not much left to do. I think these concepts will keep people in the game longer and also make it feel more like a war game where people can really excel and build up an empire.

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    Those are some great ideas! It is very true that once you have completely developed your city there are currently only a few options to enhance it further. I will pass them on to the developers to consider.

    In the meantime, here are some of the options currently available:

    City textures: a Christmas decoration to change the appearance of your city on the map and give you some buffs for a limited amount of time.

    Dragon scales and armour: Scales are not an option, but there are standard and limited edition sets of armour that can be obtained from Grodz campaign, bought or won from special events. With the limited edition and special sets, having the whole set gives you bonus buffs.

    We don't have fort outposts on the map, but we do have a relatively new building in the City view, the Watchtower external to the walls. It provides buffs as you repair it and level it up by equipping it with arrows. Higher levels allow you to assign Generals to increase the buffs.


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