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Thread: New server 112 open (US EAST)

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    New server 112 open (US EAST)

    Hello Community! The new server was opened on February 21st!

    New server name: Server 112 - US EAST

    Double Devotion Days: 21-24 February
    Event: Saliora Will Bless Thee Part I and II: 21 February - 16 March

    Get ready to meet new friends and heroes, check out the events and activities, and remember to open a ticket if you experience any game issues

    Best wishes,
    (forum moderator)
    Discord ID: Ceridwen#5518 (if my forum inbox is full)

    *Moderators are not Gaea staff or employees, they do not have access to player accounts or other personal details. They are players like you, who have volunteered to help other players with game issues and/or to help facilitate communication between Gaea and all players

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