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    Ava times

    This is the second time Ava has had exactly the same times everyday for its duration. Ironically, the Ava message specifically says Ava is scheduled at different times to accommodate everybody from different timezones, and yet it has it at the same time. Unfortunately I work Monday-Friday during that time and am starting to get increasingly upset every month they continue to have it at the same time. It is NOT accommodating to anybody except for those lucky enough to be available at the same time everyday.

    Please change your Ava times so there are days that accommodate everybody. I, like baby others, have spent hundreds of dollars on this game. I expect that I should be able to participate in events like AVA, I have put my time and money in.

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    Thanks for the feedback and request, it has been forwarded through to the Game Team!

    I agree the ingame message could better reflect the reality of the individual servers, it is however a universal message which applies to all servers, so I had understood it as also referring to the fact different groups of servers have been given different times, even though the other times don't appear as a cross-server schedule in the game or in the message.

    I'm sorry to learn the times on your servers don't suit you. I had a similar issue due to my choice of server as the local server time was not really too compatible...

    However, AvA timing is definitely a hot topic, so for those of you here in the forum, if you have suggestions on how to improve this situation, please comment here on this thread. If you have Discord, please join our AvA channel!
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