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Thread: Merge cancelled

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    Merge cancelled

    [KBN] Merge Group (133,138,143) Cancelled

    Greetings Ladies and Lords,

    As you may already know, Server 138 is a hardcore server with desertion on and most players there can only keep a rather small amount of troops, making it weaker than other Main Servers. After some further discussion on player's feedback we finally decide to cancel this merge group of 133,138 and 143. We will consider coming up with a different plan for these servers in the future and apologize for any inconvenience caused. The other 2 merge groups are not affected.

    KBN Team
    This has been sent to all main worlds. Also I'm sending compensation to these 3 worlds

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    Who you calling weak?

    138 players are by no means weaker then any of these huggers! We have everything the same some of us 138 guys are right there with the top huggers. We wanna merge with Camlann that server has been ruined they deserve the chance to play on a server that?s up to date like138. Bring that there?s not many people it will take maybe a month to catch up. It wouldn?t be hard by any means. Please get us a merge with camlann send a message to all camlann if they would be up for a merge and everyone would agree it?s In their best interest to come to avalon.

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