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Thread: Mergers

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    Big News Knights!
    We are busy preparing for the next server mergers. The following servers will be merged into three groups and will not have access to World Migration feature anymore starting from Nov 7th 09:00 UTC:
    Also, players from other servers won't be able to port to these servers.
    More information coming soon in game!
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    Merge Avalon138 and Camlann

    Avalonpvp138 and Camlann want a merge. We are the only hardcore servers, and you guys have destroyed camlann server already by keeping them so far behind every other server. Keep troop desertion off and combine the two servers together to join Avalon. Everyone in Camlann will be able to catch up very quick and gaea could even give everyone in Camlann a welcome starter package. 24 hour protection only no 7 day protection.

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