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Thread: New Realm - Power Realms

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    New Realm - Power Realms

    Server idea Power Realms.*

    What is a power realm?*

    A: Well the idea of a power realm is basically taking all the current existence features of the existing servers/realms and combining it into one. For example having the Alter from hardcore realms into the power realm allowing players to feel more comfortable with pvp. In theory having a healing pool along with the Alter allows people to use more of their troops freely in a way increasing the revival count of troops. We could also have all the troops through out the game into one realm which allows to us to use the exclusive troops in both dragon age and general realms together. The big inspiration is to make it similar to the pc version but better. Without the forge that original doa used to have when rock you took over. I personally would love if we had more options in this type of realm when it comes to tournaments. Instead of just having the regular tournament we could have two different types. A Barrack/Ranking type of tournament where the prizes range depending on the rank and Barrack you were placed in similar to the way AVA is set up. As for power challenged being the normal type of tournament that's already implemented into the game can be set up like the way doa use to be on mobile where if you were to reach a certain milestone the prizes go into your inventory instead of straight into your barracks leaving it to where the player is forced to either hoard troops from events just for a small payout reward for their placement or to spend rubies. I must say personally I loved the lost realm and rather them keep it an official server than just for events. I had more action in the 7 days I was in the lost realm than I have had in my current realm in the past 8 months. Along with the power realm Gaea can amp up the rewards allowing it to be fun for both paying players and free to play. No matter what event comes out there will always be people who will spend hundreds to even a thousand dollars for a single event. So with a new realm opening up bringing majority of the active players both the players and company could benifit from this. Game just had their 7 anniversary and there hasn't really been any major updates besides the general update that allows us to send more troops and the ability to be creative with our general combinations. But let's face it either you need to wait a good year to get a good few generals or spend a hood amount of money just to get 1 March with a max general and all 4 slots unlocked. With power realms we could add many features as a community to where it will be a fun game for all of us as players.*

    All existing buildings into one realm.*

    All existing troops into one realm.*

    Higher reward and event pay outs.*

    More challenges and tournaments throughout the day.*

    More items in chest and maybe even add new custom chests for the realm similar to pc doa where if you were lucky 1 chest could get you near 5mil power.*

    This is just a few ideas as a suggestion. Whether they make this type of realm or not I would be happy if they at least implement the idea of increasing our rewards for tournaments and letting us hold troops in our inventory instead of going straight to the Barracks. Heck can even add new building upgrades as well but I'll eventually add more ideas. I would to hear everyone feedback on this since it is a forum feel free to add more ideas and speak your mind on what should be added or not. Us as a community should have a voice why not use it to make it fun for everyone and keep everyone happy.

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    I agree ! I have also posted the link to this suggestion on Discord, but it would be great to see some feedback and additional comments here
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    Good idea

    The troop boxes used to go to inventory but they changed that. Likely players complained. Got what they wanted and now everyone hates it. The minority rules because they speak up.
    Great ideas here

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