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Thread: Things coming / Happening in game!

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    Things coming / Happening in game!

    -Halloween collector event will last until November 2nd at 9:00 UTC, and exchanges will end on November 4th at 9:00 UTC.
    - We may have a reappearance of the Labyrinth Event or Dragon Crusade. TBD
    -The game team will be making adjustments for the coming Grail War sessions. EU and NA servers will compete together in the Grail War session this Saturday and it will follow the old EU schedule, next Saturday NA.
    -Grail War sessions on Wednesday will be held the old way, meaning EU and NA servers will compete separately. Most settings will be the same as before except the match/start/end time of NA schedule shall be postponed by 1 hour. We will send an in-game announcement to NA servers next week.

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