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Thread: Things coming in game soon

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    Things coming in game soon

    Bardr's Wheel + Halloween Collection Mania + Alliance Gift will be from Oct 18th, 15:00 UTC to Nov 3rd, 15:00 UTC.

    We are still working on settling things down after the last merger. The next merge will most likely occur in November.

    We will also be running a special Halloween Event on our English page soon. More info on that soon!

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    New Server 238

    (This was going to go on the Holiday Survey but 238 was NOT listed as a Server on that survey even though we are not getting the next Holiday Event)

    Gaea isn't giving us the Halloween nor Thanksgiving Event. Do they not understand that we WILL fall further behind fpr Season because we cannot get the Might and other items we would normally get from these events? Gaea should know this and should've thought about this before merging us.

    Plus to give us 100 in Mith for the headache and aggravating issues that have occurred after the merge is a slap in our faces.

    The Regents had to cut down their alliances, kicked out great players because of the 40 in the Alliances, and after merge, we had to make brand new Alliances, because every one of the Regents in almost every Alliance was kicked out from their original Alliance.

    Now Gaea isn't giving us the Halloween nor Thanksgiving Collection Events? This is truly a KICK IN THE FACE to every player in 238.

    Also, many of us have been kicked out of Discord for disagreeing with Leota and FS, but if you want a true discussion in the game, we ALL should be allowed to join all chats.

    If you don't agree with what we say, you should not kick us out of the chat, that's a dictatorship, not a discussion on a game that is suppose to be fun.

    Give us another chance in the Discord chats, or at least give us the right to talk about why we were kicked, we were not even given that. Even the worst criminals get a chance to say their side of the story.

    If Leota and FS cannot see that we are completely frustrated before kicking us out of the chats, I think they should get another job. You cannot take the opinion of a handful of people and say that is what all players want in the game.

    If Gaea and everyone associated with them continues on the path they are right now, everyone in the merge servers will quit the game.

    Please, give us a voice, and listen to those who are no happy and are directly being affected by Gaea's actions. That is all any of us who cannot express our pain in Discord want. It is truly sad that I have to come here to convey how I feel.
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    You were not kicked for being 'frustrated' you were kicked for not being able to follow the rules. And continually break them after many warnings. You can get back into these chats by reaching out to a gaea employee, If you do not want to speak to me there are 3 others.

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