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Thread: Can?t enter numbers into input boxes.

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    Can?t enter numbers into input boxes.

    When I tap on a box to enter in a number, let?s say the box to say how many wagons I want to send on an attack, nothing happens. I have to tap on a different box for a different troop type and then come back and tap the Supply Wagon box to be able to enter an amount.

    This is extremely annoying but at least it?s still playable. Where it becomes a problem is when you have a situation where there are no other boxes. You can?t do anything then because it won?t let you enter any numbers in.

    A perfect example is the CHS that?s running right now. I?m only able to do 5-6 hits before the box pops up asking for a code to continue. I can?t do anymore CHS and fully compete in the event because Im stuck on that screen.

    This also happens with boxes that have text.

    This is on an iPhone and started after the recent iOS update. This is the only game that it?s happening on.

    I?ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game as well as restarted the phone several times.

    Anyone else on iOS 13.1.1 having this issue? Also happens on my wife?s phone.
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    Yes, please make sure to ticket Customer Service. At the moment, they are asking for videos to see what the problem is when we are using it. It was after the Apple Update. Right now, China is on a holiday, so hoping when they get back that they see this and make another forced update to fix the issue.
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