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    Div Lab

    My master acceleration in my Div lab is at lvl 19/20 which shows I should be accelerating my upgrades at +53%. I went to upgrade an attack level and it took my time from 4 days 20 hours to 3 days 5 hours. That?s not 53%. Am I missing something here or is this meant to be deceiving or is there a problem with the game?

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    Div Lab

    Hello there!

    This is a bit confusing! The lack of description in lab doesn't help this much. Hopefully I can explain in a way that clears this up a little though.

    This upgrade does not reduce the amount of time that research takes by 50%, but rather increases the speed in which the "researchers" work (as a way of thinking about it) this means, if the researches increase their workrate by 50% they will be working one and a half times the speed they were before.
    If, hypothetically, they were working twice as fast, the speed of training would be doubled, and the effect would be half the research time. Sorry if this is a poor explanation but hopefully it helps.

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