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Thread: Merger Poll

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    Merger Poll

    There is a very important poll in-game on main worlds about alliance size reductions. Please read the mail to see how the poll works.

    ?Server merges are coming soon to mainworlds. We will be decreasing the maximum amount of members you can have in an alliance from 100 and we need your help in deciding what the new limit should be, ranging from 30-40.
    From 08/13 10:00 to 08/20 10:00 UTC we will be running an in-game poll in the Sage Tower for the community to decide what the new alliance member limit should be.

    The poll will work as follows: you will receive a single ?Vote Coin? in your inventory, you will then see three options in the Sage Tower: 30 alliance members, 35 alliance members, and 40 alliance members. You will then use your coin on the option you wish to vote for. For example, if you want the new limit to be 35, use your coin to claim the 35 alliance members.

    We will release the results of the poll a few days after the poll concludes. The results will help us make a decision in choosing the new alliance member limit.

    *The size reduction applies to main worlds only at this time.
    *All 24 main worlds will receive the poll in the Sage Tower.
    *Your character needs to be at least Lv 50.
    *Your character needs to have been logged on in the last 30 days.
    *If you have multiple characters across several worlds, only 1 of them will receive the ?Vote Coin?.
    *Vote coin will be sent to you along with an in-game message ?Vote Coin has arrived?.

    Further server merge information will be released at a later time.

    The Vote Coin and the 3 items which stand for the 3 options will be removed from your inventory at a later time.

    We appreciate your patience and your assistance during this time?

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    Alliance size

    Such a BAD move. There is nothing that has been mentioned about alliance size as a concern in chat or in the alliances. Are you listening only to the spenders. You did not offer "none of the above" as an option since that would have been the winner by a landslide. Reconsider! I HATE to think I have wasted 6 or 7 years playing this game for this to be how it ends.

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    Thanks for your feedback. please make a ticket to to let them know your concerns

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