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Thread: Imperial Glory Quest?

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    Post Imperial Glory Quest?

    Hey, on the non mobile version this quest popped up when i reached lvl 55. on the mobile version I am lvl 62 and still can not see this quest. This is the quest that gives you stats from titles. Any help would be much appreciated

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    Imperial glory

    Hi i Wanna know what i playing on server 110, i have a lvl 57 knight and i still havent got the quest to unlock stats...what went wrong?
    I know that one of that chained quest is to get in tanks twice, and also collect 200 soul crystals...i didnt get me
    My toon is Duke lvl57 knight

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    While we wait for others to chime in, if you think you have done all the necessary steps to unlock the stats, or if you think it is an account or server issue, perhaps drop customer support a line :

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