What is the KBN World Boss Take Down Event?

KBN World Boss Take Down Event is an event runs on one specific server. The players will be attacking a city we build and winners will be getting prizes at the end. They hit our city until our troops are completely depleted or we are 'zeroed'. The person to deal the killing blow wins.

Which server will this event be on?

We will hold a competition to pick one server on our Facebook page. There will be a new daily Facebook post for 5 days starting Monday, July 8th - Friday, July 12th. This is a participation event. The server with the most participation wins this event! Only one will win!

How do we determine the winner:

-Players who want to their server to win must comment on each daily Facebook post with their server (1 comment = 1 point) Players only are allowed to enter one comment a day
-Each ?competition? will end after 12 hrs (ex. Post starts at 9am - ends at 9pm the same day) the data will then be collected (Any comment made after the 12hr time frame will not count)
-Servers with the least points will be eliminated each day. We will announce which servers will be advanced to the next day of competition the morning after each World Boss Event Facebook post.

Facebook ?Server Pick? Competition Timeline:

Monday: Post starts 8am-8pm PDT
Tuesday: Post starts 9am-9pm PDT
Wednesday: Post starts 10am-10pm PDT
Thursday: Post starts 11am-11pm PDT
Friday: Post starts 12pm-12am PDT

Winner server will be announced the following week!
World Boss Take Down Event: TBD