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Thread: June Chest of Chests

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    June Chest of Chests

    Event Time: 07/01 20:00 - 07/03 20:00 (UTC)

    June has come to an end, and with it came Summer amongst other things, but there is a way to prolong it a bit more.

    Each June Chest of Chests contains a chance to win UP TO THIRTY of the best Chests from Camelot! Open the June Chest of Chests for a shot at winning:
    Up to 30x Wicked Minds Chest
    Up to 30x Wisdom Is Key Chest
    Up to 30x Tread Lightly Chest
    Up to 30x Full Darkness Chest
    Up to 30x No Sympathy Chest
    Up to 30x Courage & Strength Chest
    Up to 30x May Chest of Chests

    Purchase now to get these powerful rewards!

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