June 20th Maintenance Notice
Dear Players,

Our servers will be under maintenance on Thursday June 20th (See specific times below). We anticipate the maintenance to last for approximately 3 hours. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. Visit our social media pages with questions, and to help you keep tabs should there be any changes.

Maintenance Time: June 13th 00:00-03:00 (PST); June 13th 15:00-18:00 (UTC+8)
Servers: All Servers
Version: 1.0.22


[New Adventure Quest ? Jiankang City]
It seems something strange has happened in the ever-peaceful Jiankang city. The anxious scholar, the fiery guard and the beggar are uttering odd sayings? You can chat with them to find out the truth.
Before that, you can find the Aged Divination Taoist and let him tell your fortune
1. You can go to NPCs in Jiankang City to take the Adventure Quest.
2. Must be lv.40 or higher.

[Time-limited Event ? Taihang Hunt]
Mount Taihang is surrounded by evil beings, so the Tree Man ran out to ask for help. Come save the people and gain rewards!
Event Time: May 30th - June 5th
1.Every day you can build a team of 1-2 players and go to the Tree Man in Luoyang to take part in the event.
2.You may roll the dice to decide the difficulty level of the event and spin the compass to decide the battle to fight in (you may spin the compass time and again till you find an opponent closer to your level). Note that the harder the battle the better the rewards.
3. You can fight as many battles as you want, but you can only get 2 prizes per day.

[New Feature - Epic Gear Transformation]
Come to try the new feature - Epic Gear Transformation!
1. Requirements to unlock Epic Gear Transformation: Own more than two Rank.7 Epic Gears, the material Epic Gear must carry a skill and the two Gears should be of the same type.
2. Once the Epic Gear Transformation unlocks, you can open the interface of ?Forge? and find ?Transformation?.
3. After the transformation, the skill of the material Epic Gear has a certain chance to be transferred to the main Epic Gear and the main Epic Gear will gain a brand new appearance and effect!
4. If the transformation fails, the main Epic Gear will remain the same, while the material Epic Gear will be consumed. Players will get compensatory items, which can be exchanged for Epic Gear.

[New Manuals to Collect - Journey]
There are 4 new manuals in the new collection, Memory. Collecting them will improve your attributes.
Memory Manuals:
Orange: Yinglong-Welkin, Chi Yang-Ambition
Purple: He Lian-Aristocrat, Ling Long-Dexterity

Good luck exploring and if you have any feedback please contact us via the following platforms:

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Official Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/EchoofPhantoms
Official Discord Server: https://discord.gg/MjHpsQr
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