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Thread: Merging ... at the ready!

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    Merging ... at the ready!

    Apparently the cat is already out of the bag! New server mergers will be happening soon! 99,105,106,125 will be merged into Bors 122. Get your cities ready to move Heroes!

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    Big mistake

    Gaea made a big mistake with the merge. Before merge all players had more or less the same level and antiquity we all had similar opportunities. After merge you had mixed alliance levels, too high levels with medium and small level. So, now, because there no opportunities for smaller and medium, just in 3 days a lot of players are leaving the game. On top of that, why you are mixing languages when, for example in spanish you had bors99, lancelot136 and horsa107??? Between those 3 worlds, all spanish language we all are more or less the same level. You are benefiting big alliances and damaging medium and smaller.
    Please reconsider the option to merge similar languages, if not you split friends and people leave.

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    This is really good feedback, Hincha - and an issue that we have been told Gaea developers are already looking into, in order to give players coming from weaker servers a chance to catch up. Server portals will be available to use after the merges are completed. As for the merge of smaller language servers into an English language server, this appears to be mitigated by the availability of the new feature - ingame translation of the chat and player mail.

    I would like to encourage any of you who wish to elaborate on the feedback above to keep posting here, for MadameLeota and Gaeamobile forum admins to read and forward!
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