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    A few weeks ago I messed you with a problem because someone had gotten my information for my character. My login was Terroriffic_tiff server 26 and the password is [removed for privacy reasons] . Whoever accessed my tune sold all of my gems and my red gear. I don't care about the holy forging and stuff I can catch up on that. But I want gear back to what it was. I'll wait for a response from you guys. But if you don't fix it I'll write Google play next. I have every receipt of all the money I have spent on this game. I mean every single one and I will have something done about it. It was alot of money. And for you guys to just steal it away from me for your mess up won't stand. I gave no one my information. So it shouldn't have ever happened.
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    Hi Terroriffic - please check your Forum mail. Your request has been forwarded to Gaea, but you will need to contact Customer Support for Wartune Hall of Heroes, who look after account-related issues.

    It is very important, for the safety and security of your account, not to share any details that might allow others to access it, such as emails or passwords.

    I have also contacted you by private message and moved your request to the correct section of the forum - best wishes!
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