I've been playing HoC for a couple of years now and the problem I have with this game is the amount of money or hours you put in it to receive nothing in return. Here is a list of what's very annoying to me :

1. Cards in the World

That's stupid that in city 8, you find the same 3* cards than city 2. There are so many 2*, 3* and 4* cards that are not used in the game. You should be able to earn much better cards in the cities.

2. Potions in the World

I remember one time when Kabam was still running the game. In Normal world, you were able to collect potions by exploring the cities. Now you can still find normal potions in Normal cities, but at a much lower rates. Would be nice to be able to collect Nightmare potions in Nightmare cities instead of only in arena.

3. More realistic luck

When summoning a card or opening a chest, you should have more realistic chance. For example, if you have like 100 cards possibilities, you should have 1/100 chance to get one of those cards. If there is 2 7* cards, you should have 2/100 or 1/50 chance to get a 7* cards. Right now you only have like 0.0000002% chance of getting a good cards.

Same in mini-game or events. World boss events are nice, but the amount of chests you need to open to get the right amount of shards is insane. The chest is supposed to give you a chance to get a card directly, but in reality, you have 0.00005% chance of getting it when it should be like 5%.

Lucky spin arena, worst mini-game for luck. In reality you would have much better luck. There are three colors right? You should have 1/4 chance of getting red, blue, green or no stone at all for each row. That would improve the gameplay experience for everyone by allowing people to actually get some rewards.

City event : When winning against a boss, you should actually get more chance to win a boss card. I don't know what are the actual chance, but right now even after 50 bosses fight, I only win a stupid 2* card.

Thank you