May 30th Maintenance Notice
Dear Players,

Our servers will be under maintenance at Thursday May 30th (See specific times below). We anticipate the maintenance to last for approximately 1 hour. During the maintenance, players will not be able to log into the game. Please pay attention to our social media pages should there be any changes.

Maintenance Time: May 30th 00:00-01:00 (PST); May 30th 15:00-16:00 (UTC+8)
Servers: All Servers
Version: 1.0.17


[New SSR Companions]

Description: Chang?e?s husband Hou Yi has pills of Immortality, and when he is out one day, his disciple tries to steal the pills and ends up fighting with Chang?e. During the fight Chang?e puts the pills in her mouth to keep them away from the disciple but accidently swallows all of them. She then begins to float and kept going up until she reached the moon. She is now the ruler of the Moon Palace.
1. Floating Wind
Deals magic damage to 5 enemy units.
2. Jade Rabbit
Adds [Jade Rabbit] effect, each stack lasts for 3 turns
[Jade Rabbit]: gains bonus magic damage of 5% and can stack up to 9 times.
3. Frigid Moon (Passive)
If the target has [Ignition] effect, it explodes and adds [Frigid moon] effect lasting for 3 turns.
[Frigid Moon] causes additional damage.
4. Transformative Moon (Passive)
The power of Chang?e is affected by the three status of the moon cycle.
Waning Moon: When the battle begins, damage dealt is increased by 20%.
Half Moon: The next time [Floating Wind] releases it changes to deal magic damage 3 times on 1 enemy unit.
Full moon: When [Floating Wind] is released for the 2nd time, you gain 20% bonus health.

Description: Fenghou, a famous minister of the Yellow Emperor, controls the power of wind and rain. In the war between Yellow Emperor and Chi You, Chi You creates dense fog, causing Yellow Emperor army to be disoriented. Fenghou, while looking at the Big Dipper, came up with an idea of how to find the Chi You army in the think fog by using a south-pointing chariot. With his skills they were able to defeat the enemy army.
1. Wind Blow
Deals magic damage to 3 enemy units and dispels the buffs of the main target.
2. Gale Seal
Seals 3 enemy units, the lower your health is, the higher the success rate. Gains [Defense] effect lasting for 2 turns.
3. Light Wind
After gaining [Defense] effect, adds [Wind spell] effect to 2 allies.
[Wind Spell]: Removes the debuff, and increases bonus health by 10%.
4. Frigid Gale
The first time Fenghou dies, resists 1 hit of lethal damage, and additionally triggers 1 [Gale Seal].

[New Functions of Mount System]

Improvements have been made to the mount system! Bonus attributes, awesome appearances, and enhanced skills are waiting for you!

1. Mount Intimacy: Mount Intimacy is a used for Mount Promotion.
You can use Mount Roll to increase Mount Intimacy.
2. Activate Mount: After you acquire your mount, you can use Mount Bells to activate and improve their attributes.
3. Promote Mount: If you meet the requirements of Mount Intimacy, you can use Mount Bells to promote your Mount to a higher rank to get cooler appearance and unlock the Refinement effect.
4. Command: Each Mount can command one Pet or two Fellows; the commanded unit enjoys 10% of the Mounts attribute.
5. Refine Mount: Up to 3 refinement effects can be unlocked. These effects can be replaced by attributes or refinement skills with the Refinement Stones.
6. Items: Items related to these functions can be gained from Demon?s Rage, Divination Artifact or other events.

[New Time-limited Event ? Taihang Hunt]

Mount Taihang is surrounded by evil beings, so the Tree Man ran out to ask for help. Come save the people and gain rewards!

Event Time: May 30th - June 5th
1.Every day you can build a team of 1-2 players and go to the Tree Man in Luoyang to take part in the event.
2.You may roll the dice to decide the difficulty level of the event and spin the compass to decide the battle to fight in (you may spin the compass time and again till you find an opponent closer to your level). Note that the harder the battle the better the rewards.
3. You can fight as many battles as you want, but you can only get 2 prizes per day.

[New Function - Reincarnation]

Yin and Yang, old and new, life and death?everything is an endless cycle.
Reincarnation can reshape the spirit and begin a new life.

1. Players can reincarnate their characters into other characters or classes at the NPC Chi Songzi.
2. There will be a cool down time after each reincarnation, during which another reincarnation cannot be performed.

1. After the reincarnation, all gear remain the same except the clothing and weapons. Clothing and weapons will be changed based on class and character. Gear levels will remain the same.
2. After the reincarnation, your Costumes and Epic Gears will not be changed and will be put in your bag.
3. If you are married and you want to change your gender, you need to break the marriage before reincarnation.
4. After reincarnation, players have 48 hours to convert their gems to other types of the same level. Go to Chi Songzi in Luoyang to convert them.
5. The attributes allocation will be reset.

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