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Thread: Need economic plan change

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    Need economic plan change


    I want to talk about the economy in game. We earn not enough Jade, and those who can buy are way too expensive.
    So we can't make the trade system work, for example:

    The limit for sealed weapon is 3000 golds, wich is way too high since it cost less than 300 jades to craft a weapon (remember we need to identify the gear, it cost us 150 more jade: 3000 golds + 150 = 450 jades against 320 jades to craft one).

    Without talking about the trade system, we earn many sealed gear from different events and the bag, or warehouse become flood by those items. This things give us a bad feeling and we feel bad when we received one of those sealed gear as a "reward".

    For those reasons, i feel like the epic gear amulet should be bought with silver instead of Golds and Jades, or, stuff should be unsealed everytime, meaning the seal system should be removed.

    I feel that the game is really good and fun to play but it is sad that players always have to buy jades to do anything on this game.
    The result of the actual system is F2P players are leaving, little buyers will follow because they don't have enough money to play this game and whale gonna leave too because they will lack challenge and a solid player base.

    Save our money, save your game

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